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    The training program has been designed specific to residential school issues and
    for anyone who wants to move beyond existing limits and constraints.
    This program explores the process of creating possibilities for individuals and groups to
    consciously create a future based on letting-go, empowerment, trust, collaboration and moving


    Returning to Spirit" was initiated and developed by Marc Pizandawatc, an Algonquin from Kitiganzibi First Nation, and Ann Thompson, a Sister of St. Anne from B.C. The two met during a workshop that Pizandawatc was conducting in Yellow knife, and from that conversation "Returning to Spirit" was born. Through the initiative and efforts of Bishop Denis Croteau, OMI, this process was adopted in other dioceses. Five years later, the workshops have enabled hundreds of church and First Nations persons to reclaim and reconstitute their personal and communal lives.

    These workshops have nothing to do with culture, religion or legal matters. They are based on the principles of healing, forgiveness and completion of issues. They provide a process for people to move ahead in life, by returning people back to spirit. As spirit unfolds then true forgiveness and reconciliation come forward. Then there is creative energy to make a future based on freedom from the past and new choices.



    "Returning to Spirit" has three parts/phases: 

  • A 5 day session with Aboriginal people
  • A 5 day session with Church people
  • A 5-6 day session with the two groups together
The number of participants for the first session is 25 - 30
    These participants can be:
    Anyone who has unresolved issues around Residential School Spouses of students of Residential School Older children (over 20 yrs) who have been affected
    The criteria for attending is:
Alcohol and drug free for at least one month
Serious about wanting to move ahead in life
Willing to participate in the complete five days

    Article: Returning To Spirit:

    Workshops for First Nations and Religious: process nurtures conditions for healing.
    By Veronica Dunne

    Returning to Spirit - Brochure

    Contact the following for more info:

    Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas
    76 First Street West,  Box 270,
    The Pas, Manitoba, R9A 1K4
    Office: (204) 484-2752 ext 1

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